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Val Puxty Landscape Design is dedicated to creating contemporary, distinctive and functional outdoor spaces for people to live, work and enjoy.

A well designed space incorporates hardscaping and plants as elements within the design to create visual interest. The scene must have the ability to change through the seasons and mature over the years. Environmental conditions have to be taken into consideration, ensuring the level of care the plant needs is met, “Right plant in the right place”.

We use all our senses in a landscape, not just with your eyes, for me one of the first impressions I gain is feeling, how do I feel in the environment? I think it is important to be guided by what feels right and not necessarily by logic or by what the textbooks tell you.


My role as a Landscape Designer is to listen to my Clients, get a sense of what they want to achieve. To be creative, diverse and push the boundaries, taking the Client's vision and making it exceptional.

 1 hour site Consultation. “Right plant in the right place” 

Including, a Consultation document, with Design and Plant suggestions for existing gardens.


Stage 1.

Design Concept plan.

To produce a Design Concept plan to scale with suggested plant combinations, resource book about the design, planting and hardscaping ideas.


Stage 2.

Working Drawings.

Once we have settled on the design and plant combination, I can provide you with final working drawings / planting plan, design details, hardscape materials, structural elements and landscape features, plant schedules.  A price to source the plants / elements and installation of your new garden.


Stage 3.

Professional Installation services. Including hard and soft landscaping.

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